Early prep route planning…

So I’ve had the bright idea to cycle the east coast of Australia, but there’s a hell of a lot planning to do before I can even think about the trip itself. At the moment, I think the most important of tasks is the route, once I have that in place, I should then be able to:

  • Accurately record my mileage for forward planning
  • Break the cycle down into sections
  • Propose a timescale for daily and overall completion
  • Cost the whole trip so I can save the cash!

For me the route truly is the backbone of the whole cycle! I’d been scouring the Internet for a decent map of the country for ages, looking for one which had a good road detail, but also specified the surface types so I knew what I could/couldn’t do on my racing bike. I’m a lad who likes to see what he’s buying before handing over the money, for this reason Internet buying doesn’t always sit well with me; so after a few hours I donned my trainers and headed in to Leeds to have a scout around.  I visited all the travel shops looking for one that was suitable with zero success, but of all places I found the perfect map in WHSmiths, it details every road (including surface types!), town, city, and even marks out all the points of interest to help me plan the route… winning!

The next few weeks will see me putting together a proposed route, then comes the daily distance breakdown so I know exactly what I’ll be doing…


The awkward moment you realise just how big Australia is...!

The awkward moment you realise just how big Australia is…!


2 thoughts on “Early prep route planning…

  1. This sounds so amazing! My family and I are fake cycling around Australia. We keep track of our km’s on our indoor trainers during the winter and it helps keep us motivated. I’m jealous you’re going to do it in real life!! Happy planning and good luck!!

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