Seeing the task ahead!

When I first had the idea to cycle the east coast of Australia I was well aware that it was a very long way, anybody who embarks on something like this without a bit of prior knowledge is either crazy or has balls of steel!

2013-04-10 16.27.31

Not a bad view to open my eyes to!

My first port of call was to get a complete map of Australia to hang on my wall for planning, this is the map that I’m going to be using to plot the route in its entirety so I can look upon it, make small changes and generally provide me with a bit of motivation and inspiration. I tell you, waking up to the map hanging at the foot of my bed every day sure does get me in the mood for some planning to make the cycle the best I can for both my own experience, and most importantly raise some cash for the charities!

Finally, after weeks of searching, I’ve found all the maps I need to plan my full route from Adelaide to Cairns, taking in the breathtaking views the country has to offer whilst paying a visit to Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane along the way. I’ve already planned my route from Melbourne to Sydney with the help of Dani, a blogger from Canberra, hopefully on this route when I pass through we can grab a cup of tea… Yorkshire Tea of course… I’ll be updating this route throughout this evening hopefully so stay tuned.

Speak soon amigos,


2013-04-08 18.02.14

It’s actually quite a long way…


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